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Ivy Carle was raised in The Truth, groomed to become the ideal Witness and avoid that is worldly in order to enter Jehovah's paradise when it comes. She has a model Witness family right out of a Watchtower Magazine, her father being an elder in their congregation and her mother the perfect wife. Ivy's future is laid out for her, and all she needs to do is obey the will of Jehovah, endure persecution and loneliness like all good Witnesses, and turn a blind eye to the lie that is staring her in the face, the lie that is her ticket to paradise. But she commits a crime; she bears a mixed-race love child and is shunned by the people she thought would stand up for her no matter what. Fearing for her own daughters salvation, Ivy faces a raging battle within that will ultimately open her eyes to the so-called Truth that she was made to believe all her life.





Paradise Bound

A Fictional Memoir

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By Anthony Mathenia,

author of Paradise Earth

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“Paradise Bound” Reveals an Author’s Detour Out of The Watchtower

By Chris Stevenson


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Interview with Lady C


The Critical Thought



Dear Diary,

In paradise I'll be rewarded with my very own panda bear & eat grapes the size of Ping-Pong balls. Worldly people will be punished by falling into giant cracks in the ground. Even people in wheelchairsI don't want to die.



This novel discusses the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. Please note: I am not against the Jehovah's Witnesses individually. They sincerely believe that they have "The Truth". It is the rulers of this Organization that control them through harmful policies and inconsistant doctrine that are being exposed.


Any victim of any religious cult can be rehabilitated.



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